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Zephyr Technology for The New Age

  From Ancient Mythology:
 "ZEPHYR, God of the West Wind, would blow the gentle breezes of Spring, signifying the change of Seasons"

 brings  "Technology for the New Age", signifying  The Change  in Earth's Consciousness.


Pomona or Abundance (Audrey Munson Model)  in front of the Plaza Hotel NYC
Bruce M. Forrester Jr

Some Homemade Electricity Mini Version July, 2015

Bruce M. Forrester Jr
PO Box 55
Bellbrook, Ohio 45305
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Some Homemade Electricity

“The Big Idea”

Replicate the “Free Energy” Discoveries of Scientists: Nikola Tesla; Wilhelm Reich MD; Henry Moray; Nathan Stubblefield; Edward Leedskalnin and others in order to harness the Electro/Magnetic/Ground Field Energy of the Earth itself! Add up these replications in a swirl of Walter Russell and “Russellian Thinking”...  

How does it all work?

    ANSWER: Just like the Earth does...

Click on picture to download
“The Big Idea” 

 Size 10.6 meg

How does it work?  Just like the Earth does !

For the Short Version of “The Big Idea”  about how to conjure up some Homemade Electricity; Click right here! Updated: July, 2015


Get it while you can before any sort of radioactive “Birth Defects” set in. Get busy make babies now before becomes difficult! If too late, then look after the Grandchildren then.


Click on this link to get an idea what’s in store.

Many of us "Baby Boomers" strive to maintain
our youthful vigor, beauty and health. Some of us have contracted or fallen to degenerative conditions such as Arthritis... Regardless of the modality we choose to take charge of our own health, we need to remember:

When it comes to Health: There are no shortcuts to any place worth going:

* Eat Clean: Good Nutrition
(This means lay off "Super Size" junk food; This means drink more Water, a lot more...; This means delete all Diet Soda containing Aspartame!)

*Exercise: Resistance Training; Weight lifting.
(This means get your Buns into the Gym and work out! And run outside! Do it now or turn to mush... And no other activity can do so much good for you!)

*Eight hours good sleep
 Like Ben Franklin said: "Early to Bed and Early to Rise..."

Important Disclaimer!

Since we are not Doctors nor Physicians; and We do not run a clinic nor treat people nor diagnose any disease or medical condition or injury...
Therefore: (“Caveat Emptor”)
We insist you consult with your “Family Doctor” Physician MD. before using or consideration of purchase of this “Alternative” equipment. The only claims made are that the equipment is the “real deal” made exactly as described in the published schematics, drawings and technical details. This means the MWO is a “real” one as invented by Georges Lakhovsky. This means the Orgone Energy Blanket is a “real” one exactly as invented by Wilhelm Reich, MD.  This means The ELF Generator puts out a real electromagnetic field... Prayerfully consider, along with your family and friends, your best course of action concerning this: “Experimental Use Only”  equipment!


Technology for The New Age!