Multi-Wave Oscillator

) TTHIS DEVICE IS NOT FOR HEALING OR MEDICAL USE! For experimental research only; all experimental subjects should be in at least reasonably good health!

Georges Lakhovsky: Inventor of The Multiple Wave Oscillator

Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian émigré, developed the Multi-Wave Oscillator in the 1920s in Paris .  Utilizing a powerful Tesla Coil, Lakhovsky designed an antenna system with different size rings to radiate the Tesla Coil output onto the bodies of his patients with the intent and purpose of  "rejuvenation".  


 It soon became apparent that one fruitful avenue of research was Rejuvenation...
Note:  should anyone have a disease or medical condition, then ZEPHYR TECHNOLOGY!   insists that you see a qualified medical doctor (and follow their advice!) before embarking upon a program of experimenting with the MWO...

Lakhovsky's  central idea is this:

  • Each ring of his special antenna system radiated at a different wavelength and frequency dependent upon its diameter.
  • The different size rings would set up interference patterns between themselves, producing a plethora of harmonic frequencies at many different wavelengths.  The patient would be then be exposed to a "Multi-Wave Oscillating Field".
  • Each living cell in our bodies functions much like a tuned circuit with its DNA strand acting as a self inducting coil. Each living cell is capable of "resonating" to an external source of frequencies in the same manner as a guitar string beginning to vibrate when exposed to the standard pitch of the correct tuning fork.
  • The idea of "Resonance" is the key to understanding the function of Lakhovsky's Multi-Wave Oscillator. The resonant frequency of cells and organs happens to be the natural frequency of health for that individual cell.
  • Exposure to the MWO field induces an detoxification effect/ experience as the body attempts to shed itself of accumulated toxins. An example would be the case of a cigarette smoker starting to cough more as the lungs begin a process of self cleansing in response to repeated exposure to the MWO field.
  • An additional effect occurs when there is a pure Etheric component of the Tesla Coil output independent of any frequencies. This Etheric or Radiant Energy component was noted by Nikola Tesla himself as being therapeutic and rejuvenating.  For the special  Ętheric or Radiant Energy effect to occur, the Tesla Coil must be tuned so that it becomes  a series  "impulse"  device rather than an alternating current device.
Experimental Subject using MWO with two Antennas

The experimental subjects faces the radiator antenna of the Multi-Wave Oscillator so that the entire body is subject to the field effect of electric rays from this Tesla Coil device.  For a localized effect, the subject uses the Violet Ray Bulb Assembly, While not a medical or healing device, the Multi-Wave Oscillator does produce subjective sensations of extreme well being...


Autumn   2007...

Greetings from Zephyr Technology:

We heard what Dr Bill Bauer, M.D.  said about his experiences with the Multi-Wave Oscillator!   
Now let's consider some frequently asked questions...

The Multi-Wave Oscillator is the experimental rejuvenation machine that uses a Tesla Coil to broadcast a spread of electromagnetic frequencies.

What this machine does is stimulate every cell in your body  to resonate back to its original frequency of youth!  

How?   By providing a multiplicity of electromagnetic frequencies all at different wavelengths so that each cell can pick out its own "natural" frequency and vibrate "in tune" to it much like a guitar string will sound if a tuning fork is brought near. 

What does this accomplish? By forcing each cell to vibrate back to its original frequency, an intense detoxification effect is elicited from the experimental subject.  If someone has been smoking cigarettes, using the MWO might cause them to begin to cough more as the lungs attempt to detoxify.   It  is this experimental detoxification effect that was discovered by Georges Lakhovsky back in the Paris Clinics in the 1920s when he was doing basic  research.

Question: What is the difference between the MWO and a "Rife" machine? (RIFE PLASMA BEAM TUBE)

ANSWER: The MWO, like a  "Rife" machine is an experimental device used for alternative  research.  The Rife machine kills off specific target  cells  whereas  the  MWO with its many different frequencies elicits an overall rejuvenation effect!  How?  The MWO forces each cell to resonate according to its own original (youthful)  structure as a tuned circuit.  The inductive DNA coil in each cell is surrounded by the capacitance of the cellular membrane which makes the cell behave as a tuned circuit.  The Rife machine puts out one frequency at a time (the mortal oscillatory rate); the MWO radiates a plethora of different frequencies so that each cell in the body can find its own natural frequency (of health) and resonate to it.  This process tends to elicit an intense detoxification effect as heavy metals (mercury) and chemical pollutants (benzene and isopropyl alcohol) are eliminated from the body.  For example, if the experimental subject has been smoking, exposure to the MWO will tend to cause the subject to begin coughing more as the respiratory system attempts to cleanse itself. 

Question: Is the MWO like Hulda Clark's Zapper?

Yes,  the MWO floods the body with a plethora of powerful electro frequencies, penetrating even the teeth (fillings and all) and all the deep tissues inside the body, thus thoroughly zapping parasites especially roundworms and flatworms, (e.g. liver flukes)  Repeated use of the MWO breaks the life cycle of parasites. 

However, the main and primary effect of the MWO is cellular rejuvenation.

With each MWO,  we now recommend a bottle of Pat Flanagan's Microhydrin, a powerful anti-oxidant that really cleans up all those radicals kicked loose by the detoxification action of the MWO   Sandy's Health Food Store in Cincinnati  (888- 386-7899)  has it: just tell them you get the special Zephyr Technology price discount!

While your powerful MWO is in production,  (two to three week lead time),  we send out a copy of:  "Your Body's Many Cries for Water" by  Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, MD...  This is a good one to get the experimental subjects started on drinking some real water, in order to get the cells properly  hydrated.  Note that coffee, beer, herbal tea, soda and various juices don't count...only water is water.  When cells are properly hydrated, the MWO really does work wonders on all sorts of degenerative experimental conditions!

The complete price is $3960-, and this includes shipping by United Parcel Service.  A personal check is fine and so is your Visa/MC .

Question: Can the MWO be used with Pacemakers or Implanted Defibrillators?  Answer:  NO... The high voltage from the MWO may interfere with the circuitry in these devices...




Bruce M. Forrester Jr


PS:  If you have questions, send me an e-mail: (or even call!)

Royal Rife developed Beam Tubes

 Rife  Beam Tube technology  could be well suited to radiate Multiple Wave Oscillator Frequencies

Watch for new antenna information in this area.


Esoteric link to the Rejuvenation properties of the Multiple Wave Oscillator:

Lakhovsky and the development of the Multi-Wave Oscillator

In the tradition of pioneer researcher, Bob Beck, the Zephyr Technology MWO  machines use "Open Architecture"  to fully disclose all construction details so that you know what you are getting  and you know what you got!  (unlike certain devices that keep everything a secret; for example the "VIBE Machine" Vibrational Integration Bio-Photonic Energizer for only $18,000- ouch!)

Open Architecture in the tradition of Bob Beck!
Open Architecture discloses constructions details!

Notice clear acrylic "see through" construction of liquid filled Tesla Coil that generates  astounding power without resorting to Neon Sign Transformer to generate  first stage high voltage.  Neon Sign Transformers (a 60Hz alternating current device) contaminate the Tesla Coil output with unwanted "junk" from the Nuclear fed power lines and electrical grid.  See "Tesla Technology" section for more construction details!

Dual Spark Gaps are forced air quenched resulting in

 The basic MWO circuit of the Zephyr unit consists of a hefty 12 volt power supply (easy to run from car battery); then a 555 timer/Transistor circuit chops the 12 volts to drive a hot rod auto coil.  Then a 45,000 volt diode rectifies the high voltage into pure dc; then dual air quenched spark gaps and a pair of 30,000 volt capacitors @.01 uf drive the mineral oil filled, close coupled,  1/4 wave Tesla Coil to drive the pair of "Golden Ratio" MWO antennas.

Open Architecture makes unit  easy to modify for home experimenters to test their original ideas!




The Violet Ray device is also powered by the same Tesla Coil as the Multi-Wave Oscillator.  Here, the experimental effect is localized to a single specific part of the body. The idea is to transduce the vibrational output of the Tesla Coil into the organism at a specific location.  Argon Gas is driven to a plasma within the Violet Ray Bulb Assembly to achieve a concentrated local effect upon a specific area of the body.

Here is what you get:

Included with your Multiple-Wave Oscillator:
(Tesla Technology Experimenter's Kit)

  • A powerful Tesla Coil Power Supply featuring "Open Architecture" for ease of modification and customization for original research!
  • Two Golden Ratio Log Periodic MWO antennas designed by Eric Dollard of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation.
  • Violet Ray Bulb Assembly for Direct Stimulation of  part of the body.
  • All wires and connectors to set up and use unit right out of the box.
  • Rugged and adjustable Resonator Antenna Stand.
  • Complete instructions (Easy to use) and extensive literature including copy of "The Multi-Wave Oscillator Handbook".

Jumbo Golden Ratio MWO Antennas create a spread of harmonically rich frequencies from the audio range to beyond 250 megacycles so that every cell in your body can pick out and resonate to its original frequency of youth (rejuvenation?).

Jumbo 14
Jumbo Golden Ration MWO Antannas; Notice conjugate strips on backside!

 This antenna structure radiates an oscillating field of  Ętheric rays that can cause a host of unusual effects upon the human body.  It is vibrational technology powered by the Tesla Coil. Originally this device was used in  Clinical  research  in Paris France in the 1920s and 1930s!  In simple terms, this electro stimulation precipitates an intense detoxification response from the human organism.

Time lapse photo that hints at Ętheric brush discharge!
Daylight time lapse photo of MWO in action

Greetings fellow "Independent Researchers" !

Here is a copy of a letter I received from a doctor who has used one of our Multi-Wave Oscillators for many years! Dr Bill Bauer, M.D. got his MWO from us back in the early 1990s for use on his tennis elbow... Not only has the machine held up well for over ten years of constant use, evidently there have been some "positive experimental results" ! (e.g. relief from pain)

Testimonial Letter from Dr William Bauer, MDestimonial


The above letter is the only testimonial offered by Zephyr Technology on the efficacy of its Multiple Wave Oscillator!   Why?   There are two reasons:

The first reason is Ethical:  We believe that this technology is still experimental and if someone has a serious disease or injury, we believe the correct course of action is to go to your family doctor (that means Medical Doctor, a licensed physician!).   Al least get a professional diagnosis and then prayerfully consider your best course of action; including the opinion and support of your immediate family.

The second reason is Legal:  The Multiple Wave Oscillator is not an approved medical device as defined by the FDA.   Thus offering anecdotal and testimonial stories  of cures and remissions (and there are plenty!) would in fact be making fraudulent medical claims for this unapproved medical technology.



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