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Is Earth In Imminent Danger From Inbound Meteors?

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Bush Country received this information from one of our site visitors and because there were quite a few coincidences the writer pointed out about the subject, it seemed like a very interesting article for our readers.  Granted, by posting this information, we are not saying it is going to happen, but, based upon our knowledge of the Bible, it would not surprise us if it did.  Please do not read this article if talk about "End Time Events" disturbs you.  Thank you.

First off, please keep my name off this article as I have found that the information I am revealing is so confidential, individuals who have leaked it have had their lives threatened. At any rate, here is the information I feel I have to reveal.

While surfing on the internet back on March 22nd, I happened to come across a message board in which one poster revealed that they had an insider in NASA who had been providing them information.  In a nutshell he revealed that by mid to late May and going on through 2005, the earth's orbit is potentially going to go through the tail of several comets and afterward be inundated by meteors causing worldwide calamity from not only the vapor, but the impact/s.

Apparently, the vapor associated with these comet tails are extremely dangerous and flammable. There is SO much that is occurring right now that although at first glance they seem normal, it is not so.  Several points the poster made was that the ISS was going to make an excuse to return to earth and that America's homeland security would be going to red (from its current orange) and eventually red.  He even said that something significant would be revealed on April 16th that would put things into motion. Remember, these comments were made on March 22nd. He even revealed that is seems even congress is preparing to go underground. At any rate, below are his comments and some of the current proof, and thought your site needed to get this information out to the public.  Here were the first comments he made on March 22nd:

Here is a simple scenario for the those who want the overall expectation. Three or four separate "events" the forth undetermined because they may be an interaction of the third "event" making it as if four "events". All are separated with a time factor of months. The first is why this is taking NASA so long to make a definite calculation but an event will happen on April 16th that will confirm things.

As incredible as it sounds, two comets are on a collision course near earth, so near in fact, that one is expected to knock the other into (most likely) the western hemisphere, but it is unknown whether that will be into the ocean or on a landmass.

You may have heard recent month's reports about meteorites hitting here and there around the world.  That is because three clusters of objects are starting to enter the orbits of the inner planets. Trying to figure out this parallax billiard game coming at us is testing the limit of NASA's science and nerves.

Again, his source informed him that April 16th will be the date that future events will be confirmed  The following day, March 23rd, an amateur astronomer in Australia discovered an inbound comet (named Bradfield after the astronomer who discovered it) and it was racing toward the sun. Funny thing is, during the time that this meteor is nearing the sun, two additional meteors will be visible to the naked eye as well, two of them even more visible than the famous Haley's comet. Strange I thought how there has been little, if any mention about these 3 comets that would be visible in April and May?

I must admit, I was skeptical with the post, but intrigued and committed myself to continue to visit the board until April 16th, the date that was supposed to confirm things.  A few days before the 16th, the individual who started the thread posted that he was personally being "pinged" by NASA, and had threats sent to him telling him to stop sharing classified information. Then, his post stopped.

April 16th came and after going to the board, there were numerous posters on the board in shock.  The Bradfield comet (discovered back on the 22nd by the amateur astronomer) had just come into view by NASA's SOHO telescope (positioned between the sun and the earth and can actually be viewed on the internet) Funny thing was though, the comet got to a certain point in its orbit, and transmissions of the image were no longer coming through (new images usually showed about every hour)  Additionally, the bulletin board with the 97 page thread was down, and stayed down for almost 10 hours.  When it came back up, the forum was down to 49 pages and that someone had removed all the information relating to the comets noted previously. 

Anyway, when SOHO came back online (20 hrs after being down) message board posters said that the images being posted were faked having been cut and pasted.  I could see what they meant when you looked at the images one after another but you can make the call.  You can see this by looking at the comet photo at 4am on the 17th, then look at the next photo which was posted not 1 hr later like the normal interval, but 20 hrs later.  It did indeed look like someone tampered with the photos.  Lastly, the next photo which shows the comet having a T shape to it. It seemed it was not even the same comet that was initially on the video.  After all this occurred, I then remembered back that the poster said that on the 16th of April, things would be confirmed that would set things in motion.  I don't exactly know what occurred during those NASA SOHO down times, but something did, and was removed so no one could observe it.

I want to post some additional comments that the thread owner posted so everyone will see why NASA and the U.S. government would want to keep this secret until the last possible minute.  Here are more of his comments made before April 16th:

This is no easy task for so much could be stated. So much must be stated, but I wish you all to know as completely as possible- the great world-wide crisis which will result in such devastation that is very near, but not all peoples will die, or become totally incapacitated during the event.

However the effect of this devastation will be of such magnitude that many will want to die. To describe the great,’ beginning’ event in the series of events which constitute what some have called the ´end days´ events or ‘the last days’.

All this will occur simultaneously with the approach and fulfillment of those events which constitute the beginning of these events. Some will die of the’ natural elements’ caused by the fires, earthquakes, floods and other disasters which will come upon the Earth.

A seeming cloud will descend to cover the whole Earth first, then a meteor will strike the Earth, first with its tail touching parts of the Earth, and then the full impact of the meteor will touch down in an area in the Western Hemisphere of the planet.

This does not necessarily mean the U.S. First, my source mentioned the effect of the cloud of dust so great that it will block the sun and all the Earth will become as night. The dust from the meteor shower will bathe the Earth, leaving dirt everywhere and scorch the land and the skin, if you are outside. Most vegetation will die and those caught outside will die of burns. Animals will suffer.

People who must go outside, which is not recommended, will need to take extreme precautions against the dust and chemicals released by the clouds of meteor debris. No one, it is recommended, should go outside, and all windows need to be covered so the dust does not enter your homes. This covering you will need will be for many purposes. This is only one reason. 

Yes believe it or not duct tape will become a rare commodity. Homeland security is not as they tell you a moniker for terrorist security, so read between the lines. When they upgrade the status from elevated (yellow) to high (orange), know that there are only several days left. When they go from high (orange) to red, there may only be 6 hrs left before the comet tail covers the earth.

What you can then expect will be most dangerous. There will be an extremely flammable nature of this dust cloud and its dangerous toxic gases. And yet this is only the beginning, for more dramatic events will occur. Due to the extreme impact of the meteor on our planet, there will be produced the greatest of all earthquakes imagined.

One of the most powerful earth-shaking earthquake even will cause the entire top layer of our planet's surface to shake for up to 20 minutes in some areas. Earthquake estimated range from 8.5 to 10 on the Richter scale in various areas, which are near or far from the impact site of the meteor.

Another thing, you may have heard that recently probes to sample and analyze tails. Why? Deep concern they are extremely toxic, difficult to spectral identity at distance some argue a phosphate compound, ie; frozen solid particles of phosphorous from from boulder size in close to microns down near at end point.

Not all tails are giving the same signatures, some are believed to be frozen solid ammonia. Deep concern is if what we don't see part of tail sweeps our atmosphere during close pass.

Keep these markers in mind...

1. ISS (International Space Station) will be in the news as experiencing untenable problems whereas it will be evacuated (masked), temporarily. This is a ‘MARKER’ on the time scale.

2. The satellite system will be put on the same kind of alert system as a direct flare from the SUN.

3. Those satellites cannot be turned to avoid damage are the GPS System

Remember the teams say that there are three of these “Events” separated by months, which will all claim the same attention. the third possibly triggering a fourth from the same event.

Again, the comments above were made in late March.  Now, click here to see what was just announced several days ago and to see the second reason why I thought to myself "this person is on to something" 

I will close with a collection of what I have been able to pull from the internet from several different boards that have also been hacked and information removed.  These sites, and what has been observed since early April leads me to believe that something is going on, that world leaders do not want us to know.  Here are just a few additional "Red Flags" that makes me wonder what is going on:

  • Breaking news that the entire Internet could be shut down very easily.
  • Storys that Russia would disconnect itself from the Internet during April.
  • Al Franken saying that Bush was more concerned with "meteors" than with terrorists.
  • Bush responding to Woodward, when Woodward asks how History will judge the Iraqi invasion. "We'll all be dead."
  • FEMA warning all Americans to stock the pantry and be ready to shelter in place.
  • Ted Koppel doing a show on 4/7/04 on martial law and The Armageddon Plan.
  • Letterman recently spoofing the "spotting of a new star".
  • Information found on the net that a rush was on to finish underground shelters for units of soldiers.
  • Information that says the ham intercept "Snowball" message could indeed be valid, and supercedes other operations in immediacy and importance (a whole other article could be written about this topic)
  • Increasing news surfacing about events in space, all in the last few months.
  • Increasing news about comets, but not on the front page, in fact, most people don't even know about these stupendous events taking place in our near space.
  • Numerous websites providing "confidential" information to the public being hacked, their mail list stolen and numerous mass mailings of viruses have taken place.
  • Webbots warning of "a flower" of explosions, comet related.
  • Numerous postings around the net about a "orangey yellow huge glowing orb" that appears for 10 minutes, then disappears into a blue star. My son saw the very same thing in February.
  • Pentagon paper warning of climate collapse.
  • British minister warning climate change is greater and more imminent threat than terrorists.
  • Canadian minister warning climate change is greater threat to millions in short term than terrorists.
  • Just one of many comets/asteroids planning a close fly by: http://www.rense.com/general50/sep29th2004.htm

Just yesterday, another person posted comments on the board as they were familiar with what is going to happen along with comments about the original poster and why he was not more specific with the information he provided.  Anyway, here are his very scary comments:

From mid May thru the 3rd week of June increased Satellite / ISS damage by meteors, tiny chunks of asteroids, and assorted "dust" and unknown particles from the 4 then five comets during this time in various positions around Earth's orbit. As the days drag on they are leaving behind from their tails or enough ionized gas to developed into a plasma like cloud that's going to be a real nuisance for satellite operations. This is the first "Event".

Don't know exactly when but worldwide GPS is going to start to fail.
First indications of that are that they are a diminishing on pinpoint accuracy of locations. My company's locating parameters have already been slowly widening 500 feet so far. Delta Airlines just announced a "computer glitch" that has grounded their planes but I suspect that they are starting to have problems with their GPS system.

Anyway, in mid July the "pellets" arrive. These are the first and second "Events" alluded to by the earlier poster. You see he HAS to word things so that you read them between the lines so as not to go ´over the line´ of divulging confidential information sworn not to, upon his retirement, which he really hasn't thus far.

With my self though it's different, I didn't work right there, and never signed anything. But as I follow, and the events line up ever closer
I had to say something about the basic out line.

Everything down here of the surface will seem pretty much as usual, accept for those that keep themselves alert and informed, they will immediately recognize when the Big Show is unfolding a little earlier that others.

The big Show starts with dramatic daylight comet show during mid July. On the heels of that is the fourth "event".

A Large asteroid passes between our Moon and the Earth which causes havoc here even ´thought to be able to "peel" the upper stratosphere "Snowballing" Earth. What will that do? We don't know. No one does. But it's probably not going to be benign. That is where the "forth event" may occur "out of the "third "event.

Obviously, several people know something is coming. The bible describes a very similar event in Revelation called the "trumpet judgments" and below are the first 4 of the 7 trumpet judgments:

"The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down upon the earth.  A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.  The second angel sounded his trumpet, and something like a huge mountain, all ablaze, was thrown into the sea.  A third of the sea turned into blood, a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed.  The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water - the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.  The fourth angel sounded his trumpet, and a third of the sun was struck, a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them turned dark.  A third of the day was without light, and also a third of the night. Revelation 8: 7-12

I will close by saying, I hope, and pray that these things are not going to happen, but thank goodness I know where I will be when I die!  If you post this, maybe others will realize they need to get their life's straight and accept the plan of salvation so they, will too, enter the kingdom of heaven after death.  Thank you for your site and for posting this article.

Name withheld

05.04.04 06:27 AM

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